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why you're here and why i do it

"don't arch for clout"

TL;DR Aspiring doctor turned aspiring biomechanical engineer turned personal trainer…LOL. 

I pursued this career for the same reason most do - to serve others and help them live their best lives, recognize their own potential, work through developing sustainable habits in ways they enjoy, etc. I love watching the body move and it amazes me how unique everyBODY truly is. There is no one-size-fits-all. As life evolves, our approach evolves  - mentally, physically, and emotionally. 

With social media and FITformation overload, many people have no idea where to start. OR they copy exactly what their favorite influencer does, take one celebrity trainer's advice as bible, and have a hard time discerning true and false information. Most gen pop people truly don't know any better, and tend to fall into marketing traps, stuck spinning their wheels, rarely making productive strides towards their goals.

So after FINALLY downloading TikTok after a year of resistance, I started creating content. At first, I absolutely DID the fun and flirty dances. Then, I was like, wait a minute. I could totally create workout challenges with the trending songs! Okay, check. I later realized that this could be a great medium for me to put my favorite quote to use: "criticize by creating". That is a Michelangelo quote according to Google. But anyways, one of the first videos I made was about keeping a neutral spine and avoiding using your lumbar spine for extra range of motion in the glute bridge (AKA: moving your spine into hyperextension). That's where the infamous "don't arch for clout" phrase came from - and how you probably found me :)

You could assume that I'm another self-proclaimed trainer slinging overpriced “booty blaster workouts” or a ~fitfluencer~ sharing high-volume workouts that leave you beat, sore, and discouraged... or that I'm a nutrition “guru”, fear-mongering folx into restrictive, carbless diets while touting the new fad diet of the month... JUST KIDDING– seriously, whatever or whoever brought you here, I'm grateful to have you and YOU ALREADY KNOW what I'm about. Like seriously - what the FRICK is “intuitive fasting”? Smh.

Joining an industry that is not so CREDIBLE right now was my CHOICE.  Even though misinformation, pseudo-science, and straight up bullshit overwhelms our feeds, I believe there is hope. You can only follow the fake for so long.

I have to be upfront. I don’t have all of the answers and don’t claim to know it all. What I do know is that there are SO MANY different ways to change your body or reach a health and fitness goal, but the BEST way is the one that works for YOU. 

I believe in evidence-based coaching while acknowledging the importance of anecdote. I will always share resources that educate you on the fundamentals of training and nutrition so YOU can set the foundation for life-long success without buying into magic pills, detoxes, developing a shitty relationship with exercise, and without feeling confused or guilty about your food choices. The science is evolving. We learn new things about our bodies and ourselves everyday. Isn't that exciting?!

So if you're here, I know why. And the answer is YES. Start NOW. Keep going the best way you can. Advice I could share with anyone is to find your FOREVER foundation first. Start with the basics and create an environment (both internally and externally) that is supportive of your goals. If you don't know what that means for you, you know where to find me ;)

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