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I am a proud second-generation Filipina American based in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

I create Health & Fitness content as @asapmonny across multiple platforms. Before becoming a certified trainer through the National Academy of Sports Medicine, I worked as a Product Development Engineer for a biotech company in Chicago, IL. I now run my business through Monny Moves, LLC where I coach clients through the process of building a stronger body and mind.

As a fitness coach, my goal is to help you get MORE doing LESS because there is LIFE outside of the gym. Keep it simple, move with intention, and find your imperfect balance between flexibility, self-compassion, and discipline.

When I’m not coaching, I serve on a board as Director of Operations for a nonprofit called FilExcellence. Inside AND outside of the gym, we all have a responsibility to create more inclusive and accessible spaces for every BODY. 

Activism and the devotion to the equitable treatment of all people isn’t one size fits all - there is a role and space for everybody, and the possibilities for the next generation of leaders are endless.

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